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As Ms. Head’s first 100 days in her role as Head of School come to a close, she reflects on the welcoming, engaged, and energized community at the International School of Indiana (ISI). Ms. Head’s decision to work at ISI was deeply personal, as she believed attending ISI was the best decision for her own children. During her first 100 days, the ISI community proved to Ms. Head that her decision was the right one.

Through various coffee meet-and-greets at ISI family homes, Ms. Head understood why other parents also chose ISI for their children. She received important feedback on the opportunities for growth at the school, learning how she can work to make something that is truly great even better.


Advancing the quality of the ISI experience was also central to Ms. Head’s work with faculty and staff in her first 100 days, a commitment that’s lead to the launch of nearly a dozen new task forces – teams consisting of teachers and school leadership – that are assessing and drawing up strategic recommendations in vital areas like alumni engagement, Middle Years Programme language curriculum, high school student retention, summer camps, and student support services.  

Ms. Head also made it a priority during her first 100 days to engage with the leading companies in central Indiana, reaffirming the important role ISI plays in helping Indianapolis and the surrounding region become a desirable destination for business professionals. These connections started forming during the February networking event at the Salesforce Tower, where Ms. Head shared her bold agenda for the school’s future with key Indianapolis business and civic leaders. This meeting with business leaders was quickly followed by an appearance on the state’s leading business-news program, Inside Indiana Business, in the form of a long-form interview with show host Gerry Dick.


Additionally, Ms. Head connected with the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, reaffirming the important role ISI plays in shaping the region’s international appeal. She learned from these various business communities how ISI can serve as a partner in recruiting companies and related investment to Indianapolis.

Ms. Head also worked to build momentum for the ONE ISI capital campaign. She began important conversations with both long-time and new supporters of the school to set the foundation for unifying the two ISI campuses. Some of these conversations took place at the Travel Auction and Gala this March, Ms. Head’s first major school event. The auction celebrated the exciting future of ISI, as Ms. Head expressed her vision for the school’s ongoing success.

Moving forward, Ms. Head plans to take the feedback she has received during her first 100 days and use it to build a strategic plan for the future of the institution. The plan will seek to raise awareness of the school and the ONE campaign. It’s Ms. Head’s hope that this awareness positively impacts ISI enrollment numbers and makes the school’s distinct academics accessible to everyone, renewing its commitment to diversity.

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