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We are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Head to the International School of Indiana (ISI) as our new Head of School. Head is the third Head of School at ISI and the first female head in the school’s 25-year history. Bringing more than 20 years of international experience and leadership to the table, Head is eager to step into her role at ISI and continue to build upon the school’s long-standing track record of distinct academics and excellent university admissions.

A native of Colorado, her most recent role was in Costa Rica, serving as the general director of the Pan-American School.  The substantial benefits of an international education in the U.S. drew Head to ISI, as she wanted her own children to experience all that the school has to offer. Now, both of Head’s children, ages five and eight, are enrolled at ISI.

“I knew what I wanted for my own kids,” Head said. “I wanted the language immersion aspects, the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, the international mindedness, and the global mentality, but in the middle of the U.S.”

“It was the perfect opportunity for my kids and for the impact that I hope to have as an educator in the world, whether that’s outside the U.S. or in the U.S.,” she added. “I believe this is the most valuable education a child can receive as they grow.”

Head’s vision for the future of ISI

During her time in her new role, Head’s main goal is to promote the unique aspects of ISI while presenting the school as a united entity. She plans to do this in two ways. First, she intends to get the word out to the greater Indianapolis community, the Midwest and even internationally about what ISI is doing and the profound impact the school has on its students and the community.

“People keep telling me ISI is the hidden gem of the Midwest, and I am here to make sure it is no longer hidden,” Head said. “It’s time that the greater Indianapolis community and beyond knows how beneficial an international, IB, and language immersion education can be for their children and how it can impact the community and the globe.”

Second, Head will focus on the ISI ONE capital campaign, an effort to unify the two ISI campuses.  

“Although both campuses are functional and lovely in their uniqueness, we want and need to be a full community all on one campus because of the synergy and power that comes from bringing all of the different age groups together, as well as all the ISI families and community members,” Head said.

100-Day Listening Tour

During her first 100 days as the Head of School, Head plans to honor, respect and listen to all of the key constituents who have given their time to ISI. This 100 day period has been dubbed the “100-Day Listening Tour,” a time for Head to hear from as many people as possible about the tradition, history, and legacy of ISI in order to shape the school for the next 25 years. 

There will be many opportunities for ISI parents to meet and speak with Head, as she will be greeting families on campus every morning and attending many student activities and events. In addition, ISI families at every grade level have offered to host coffee meet-and-greets at their homes. These gatherings allow Head to personally connect with ISI families and discuss their own unique experiences and perceptions of the school.

The listening tour allows the entire community to help shape an ISI strategic plan. Once the 100 days end, Head will take the input she gathered and use it to define the main priorities of the school in the years to come, furthering its impact on students, families, the Indianapolis community and the world as a whole.

Head is succeeding our interim Head of School, Mr. Craig Anderson, who did a wonderful job leading the school this past semester and will be rejoining the Board of Directors.

“I want to personally thank Craig [Anderson] for his efforts in maintaining all of the outstanding aspects of the school throughout his interim semester,” Head said. “He also intentionally made sure I was a part of his entire semester in order to ensure a smooth transition.”

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