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The world is changing—fast. The globe is shrinking and becoming more complicated. How can today’s students prepare, not only to embrace the world of the future but to lead? Learn about International School of Indiana and our approach to teaching global citizens.

WhyISI-buttonWe believe they need an international outlook, the highest academic standards, and opportunities for boundless exploration, creativity, and collaboration. We’re the International School of Indiana (ISI)—and we’re the only school of our kind in the Midwest (and in rare company worldwide).

ISI offers an experience students won’t find anywhere else: immersive bilingual learning so they can bridge the distance between nations and cultures; international relationships and travel opportunities to help them grow as confident global citizens; and the full range of International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, from preschool through diploma, so they can reach their full academic potential across all subject areas.

Although we offer a complete pre-college education—from three years old to grade 12—we accept incoming students at any stage of the educational process and work hard to acclimate them to the IB curriculum and the language immersion process. Learn about International School of Indiana and how your student will succeed in our IB for ALL.

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We hope you’ll take a much closer look and learn about the International School of Indiana and how we are the leaders in International Baccalaureate education. Explore our website. Schedule a tour or attend an open house. We think you’ll see what generations of students and parents already know: the International School of Indiana is the premier school in the Midwest when it comes to preparing students for the world we haven’t yet imagined. It’s the world our next class of students will graduate into—the one they will help to build.