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Student Activity Feature- Timmy Volleyball Game

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Catherine Oesterle Smith ’12, Ellen Voskoboynik ’13, Annabelle Bluvshteyn ’14

At the International School of Indiana (ISI), our mission is to prepare our students for the world stage. We do this by engaging students with their studies, but also through our students’ meaningful interactions outside of the classroom. One of the most popular student organizations at ISI is the Timmy Club, a high school chapter of the large Timmy Global Health Club. The Timmy Club also organizes one of the most popular events of the school year: the Timmy Game.

Timmy Global Health is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that expands access to health care and empowers students and volunteers to take on global health issues. Timmy student volunteers can travel to underserved communities around the world and serve on Timmy’s medical teams, providing primary care services to those who need it.

Yelena Sinitsky, a member of our Upper School Faculty, and the Dean of Students started ISI’s Timmy Club 15 years ago. Sinitsky wanted to instill a sense of sacrifice in her students and show them how people from different places and countries can work together.

Around 145 students participate in Timmy Club from both the Lower and the Upper School. Even though only juniors and seniors can travel abroad for the service trips, the entire club works to raise money for these students to attend the trip. Sinitsky emphasizes that every little bit of fundraising for the club helps so the students can make a difference in the world.

The Timmy Game is one of the Club’s biggest fundraisers of the year. It matches ISI’s girl volleyball team up against ISI teachers, and the end result is hilarious, according to Sinitsky. The game brings current students, student alumni, and parents together, reinforcing the strength of the ISI community. This year, five alumni played on the Brains team- Ellen Voskoboynik ’13, Annabelle Bluvshtein ’14, Catherine Osterlie now Smith ’12, Galina Sinitsky now Daily ’07, and Eleanor Chabraja ’10.

This year’s Timmy Game was on Friday, Oct. 26, and it raised over $1000 in support of the Timmy Club, attracting nearly 250 spectators to the ISI gym. Events and clubs like this encourage ISI students to get involved in programs that are not only impactful but fun as well! To learn more about the student organizations offered at ISI, check out


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