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International School of Indiana Celebrates the Success of the Class of 2018

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The International School of Indiana congratulates its Class of 2018 graduates on another year of strong performance in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

With a pass rate of 81.81%, the School’s fifteenth graduating class surpasses the historic ten-year worldwide average IB Diploma pass rate of 78.86%. Additionally, 41.66% of those who passed received the prestigious Bilingual Diploma (worldwide pass rate of 22%), demonstrating their readiness for college-level study in two languages.

Further demonstration of the success of this year’s graduates is the record-setting $6,115,914.00 in merit awards and scholarships received. With an average of $139,000 per student, this is the most substantial amount of merit awards and scholarships received by a single ISI cohort.

Finally, 100% of this year’s graduates were admitted to four-year institutions. They garnered a total of 178 acceptances to 84 colleges and universities around the world (see the full list of college acceptances here).

As ISI enters a milestone year in the school’s history, it is with tremendous pride for all our graduates and their achievements, as well as gratitude to our community for their continued commitment to the School’s rigorous and challenging IB curriculum. Like the classes before them, it is evident the Class of 2018 leaves ISI ready for the world stage.


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