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Celebrating National Volunteer Week

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During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of changemakers to come together to tackle tough challenges and build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Parent involvement in the classroom benefits student achievement, behavior, self-esteem, career awareness, communication and support for education, and financial savings for the school. Volunteering provides a unique opportunity for students during their time at the school to make a difference to their local community, as well as developing their skills which leads to gaining life and work experience. Without the hard work of teacher volunteers, many extra extracurricular activities would not be available for our students, such as school dances, clubs, study sessions and more.

For many of us, April brings the promise of spring, but for the school this year we are embracing the spirit of the National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and expressing our gratitude to those who help build up our community and help make our students ready for the world stage.

Elizabeth Andrew once said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” We don’t want this week to pass without taking time to extend our gratitude to all those who make this a vibrant community by lending their time, talent, voice, support, and heart to the International School of Indiana — Though there is not always a forum to share it, know we are inspired by your energy, attitude, and enthusiasm throughout the year, and we thank you for the difference you make to our school community.

Look for our social posts, pictures, and highlights daily throughout the week of National Volunteer Week, April 15, 2018, through April 21, 2018. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and watch for posts here celebrating International School volunteers. We hope you’ll join us by sharing your gratitude with those who make your time at the school easier or more enriching. Share a note with a student, faculty member, parent volunteer that has helped out, or give thanks by submitting your posts tagging the school at @theISIND and using hashtag #ISIVolunteer.

Our first thank you for National Volunteer Week comes from the International School of Indiana Head of School, David Garner.

Schools are at their best when the whole community takes pride in helping further the school’s mission.  This is especially evident in all the different ways that parents and community members volunteer their assistance to ISI.  The list of everything that our volunteers contribute their time and talent to is truly endless, from helping out at events, accompanying field trips, assisting in the library, presenting to students, sewing costumes for our celebrations and performances, helping with athletics, providing specialized support, building greenhouses, helping with the Travel Auction and our annual fund raising, and so much more, all the way to more formalized roles, such as our new Parent Ambassadors, our Parent Association and the Board.  We hope that our volunteers obtain a great deal of personal satisfaction from their work.  What is certain is that our school would be much poorer without this level of volunteer support.  So during this week of “Volunteer Recognition” I want to offer my personal thanks to all our volunteers.  Thank you!

The second thank you note of National Volunteer Week comes from one of our biggest sources of volunteers, the Parent Association of the International School of Indiana.

We appreciate all the work you do for ISI and the PA!  You’ve helped plan events, coordinate activities, staff booths, share and spread information, and attend meetings, all with diligence and passion to support our children, teachers, and staff.  Thank you for engaging with the school community, promoting fun and excitement all school year long, and being such shining examples of involvement!


 Gracias                         Merci                        谢谢

With gratitude,

The Parent Association

Our third note of thanks during National Volunteer Week comes to our volunteers from the Parent Ambassadors of the International School of Indiana, a newly formed group that hopes to increase our admissions outreach and expand opportunities in external markets. Ambassador leaders and co-chairs, Janet McCaslin and Susan Whiteside, say the following:

Our Parent Ambassadors who assist in admissions and marketing are truly volunteers on a mission! Their enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for our school are evident in both word and deed. Thank you for your time, ideas and effort!

Committee Chairs:
Alan Leerkamp, Peter Murphy, Tonna Thomas, Sue Wiltz

Committee Members:
Sireah Abulaban
Kimmy Armantrout
Heather Bacher
Lori Bradbury
Wendy Breeden
Elaine Brunner
Carrie Bryant
Rich Bonaccorsi
Simone Duarte
Fay Duffner
MeKell Gilbert
Michael Gilbert
Angelic Hadad
Dan Hirst
Amy Horton
Kathryn Maitz
Nilgun Ozsoy
Erin Radefeld
Elke Ronan
Darla Slaughter
Krista Smith
Sara Thomas
Scarlett Thorne-Solano
Susan Vaughn
Amy Willis
Carla Wimmersberger

Our fourth note(s) of thanks during National Volunteer Week comes to our Upper School leadership, Principal, Timothy Veale:

“The success of our school is only made possible by the varied contributions of our many volunteers. We find our volunteers among so many groups, including students, teachers, staff and parents. So many ISI volunteers give up their time to make our school better and better and they often do so late into their evenings and weekends! The Senior Prom last weekend was a great success but would not have been possible without the super volunteering efforts of faculty members Jane Bramhill and Jenny Howell. Thank you to them and all our volunteers!”

and Middle School Assistance Principal, Kelli Cobb:

“We are very thankful for our parent volunteers here at the Middle School. Our parents have helped us in serving and providing our Thanksgiving pies and treats along with our Winter Breakfast. Without the parents, it would not have happened.”

Our fifth note of thanks comes to our volunteers from our Director of Community Advancement, Sarah Payton. She specifically thanks our Travel Auction committee members, without whom the Travel Auction event would not be possible each year.

“Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU, and deepest heartfelt gratitude to all the Travel Auction committee volunteers, ISI parents that asked and donated items to our successful auction, and day of helpers that coordinate set up and tear down of our signature fundraising event. Without all the working parts of this volunteer coordinated event, it would not be possible!”

Our sixth quote of National Volunteer Week comes to us from our very own President of the Board of Directors for the International School, Constance Brown.

“In the spirit of National Volunteer Week, I would like to thank a volunteer group that is often unrecognized with most of their work being behind the scenes. Board of Directors members are vital to the International School of Indiana. They play a unique role in promoting and advocating for quality education at our school. Board members serve as advisers, decision makers, problem solvers, and advocates for the International School. It should be noted that they are volunteers who put in countless hours in meetings and in their communities fortifying the school. Our institution benefits every day from the energies and time devoted by the 15 members of our board. ISI is very fortunate to have such thoughtful and dedicated community members guiding and supporting our organization. Being a school board member is a challenging and important role to help lead our school as we prepare our children to be ready for the world stage.”


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