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Exemplary IB Practice in Real-World Application: Romy Candon

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In an International Baccalaureate Program, learners are encouraged through inquiry, to develop knowledge.  This knowledge is acquired when students are encouraged to be actively engaged learners, with teachers as facilitators, in their journey as they explore and discover more about the complex world in which they live.  It is our job to ignite the excitement that inspires inquiry and leads to well prepared young people, confidently ready to be our future leaders and Ready for the World Stage.

Through a compassionate framework of learning, we live by the value that each voice we are surrounded by matters, and deserves to be heard.   When discussing the complex issues that face our world, it is only when we open our mind and actively listen and value all of the perspectives around us that we can come up with the best solutions to issues our children will be facing in their future.

This International Baccalaureate philosophy is best exemplified when student engagement is fueled by passion.  Engaged students begin asking questions.  Questions inspire inquiry, and the desire to know more.   It goes beyond surface learning to a depth and breadth of understanding.  Sharing the information they are learning through inquiry inspires collaboration.  Collaboration leads to developing dialogue, active listening and the ability to not just hear other’s opinions, but to listen with an open mind and an open heart.  When sharing these complex ideas with a spirit of commonality and understanding our connected humanity,  the outcome becomes advocacy.    Advocacy leads to Service Learning and provides an important motivation for significant real-world experimental learning.  This advocacy allows students to reflect on the actions that make our world a better place.  This action promotes the transformative leadership skills International Baccalaureate learners exemplify!

Recently, one of International High School’s students should be commended for her exemplary practice of the principles of the International Baccalaureate in a real-world application. Romy Candon, an International School junior, was moved to action on February 14, 2018, when the Parkland school shooting put one of her close friends and previous International School student, Sarah-Coqueline (Coco) Bentaieb at risk. Romy was already packed and ready to go to Florida for a pre-planned visit with her friend prior to the incident but chose to still go and support her friend. While there, Romy was exposed to the pain of the students and instead of getting scared, she was roused to put her education to action and use her experience to make things better. Alongside other Indianapolis teenagers, Romy planned and participated in a rally to end gun violence in schools and spoke on Coco’s behalf in front of the gathered crowd to share her story of fear and sadness and to propose that a change needs to happen. Romy and the Social Justice Club at the school plan to keep up momentum and participate in additional rallies.

“I think the IB has helped move me to action in that I understood that to have a voice, be heard and be taken seriously, you have to educate yourself on the issues you are facing. Not only regarding your own country but around the whole world. It’s also important to know every side of a story and try to understand the people you are facing so that you can better put yourself in their shoes.” – says Romy about how her education influenced her desire for activism

To learn more about Romy and Coco’s experience, click on the links below:

You can see a video of Romy’s speech at this link:

We are proud of Romy for standing up for what she believes in!

At the International School, we encourage and instill leadership that prepares students to find their voice and be prepared with the skills to be the leaders of an ever-changing future.

We are proud of the leadership shown by our students each and every day at International.  Future leaders, hard at work preparing to be Ready for the World Stage.


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