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Grade 4 Business Fair Cultivates Ingenuity

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On Thursday, March 1, 2018, Grade 4 students held a Business Fair in the 49th Street Building Gym as the culminating event for their Unit of Inquiry called “How We Organize Ourselves.”

Stacy Gruen states, “This unit encompassed important elements of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work-readiness, providing students with solid foundations of business, economics, and free enterprise concepts.”

ISI Athletic Director, Mr. O’Neil, shares some of his favorite items purchased at the Business Fair.

During the six-week unit, students explored entrepreneurial concepts, including economics and finance, product development, and money management. They created a product, developed a business plan, established a marketing plan, and determined their philanthropic responsibility to the community. Students were then responsible for display and selling of their product, adding both rigor and relevance to the unit of study.

Entrepreneurship education benefits students because it teaches kids to think outside the box and nurtures unconventional talents and skills. Furthermore, it creates opportunity, instills confidence, and allows the students to be risk-takers, make mistakes, and cultivate ingenuity.

The variety and quality of the products were extraordinary as was the display of each product. The products available at the fair were:

  • Finnegan’s Super Slime
  • Keefe’s Artistic Ocean Adventures
  • Sofia’s Corktastic Ornaments
  • Katarina’s Cat and Dog Supplies
  • Emmely’s Bookmarks
  • Lily’s Eye Masks
  • Gabby’s Bracelets
  • Jacey’s Sponge Bows
  • Isabela’s Hair Extensions
  • Charlotte’s Squishies
  • Noah’s Pop Tab Bracelets
  • Laure’s Lucky Bags
  • Scott’s Key Chainez
  • Elena’s Stress No More
  • Carson’s Slimers
  • Elliot’s Boats
  • Manon’s Manyss
  • Katie’s Rockxanne Rocks
  • Amalia’s Magic on Paper
  • Vera’s Colored Sand
  • Michael’s Paper Airplanes
  • Isaac’s Boomchickazap
  • Aniya’s Bath Bombs
  • Brayden’s All Things Corky
  • Izzy’s Drawings
  • Leslie’s Super Spinners
  • Sarah’s Amazing Bracelets
  • Jules’ Origami
  • Dennis’ Tattoos
  • Nirav’s GAB
  • Noah’s Keychains

Grade 4 Business Fair


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