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Grade 10 Personal Project Showcase- Real Life Application

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On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, our International High School Sophomores participated in the MYP Personal Project Showcase.  MYP stands for the Middle Years Program which includes 6th through 10th-grade students.   The MYP Personal Projects are student-centered and they enable students to engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection. MYP projects help 10th-grade students to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile while becoming involved in a year-long project that they choose.

This year our students created an array of amazing projects such as: Real-life application of the popular game, Monopoly, Fashion Design, Publishing a children’s book, Quilting, Photography, Makeup Artistry, Embroidery, Musical Tesla Coil amplification, Creating Optimus Prime, Housing in overpopulated countries, Games, the Arts, Poetry, Technology, and more.

As a culminating and capstone MYP activity, the MYP Personal Project Showcase highlights the Learner Profiles, inquiry and reflection of the IB program while allowing the 10th-grade students to explore their interest in a real-world context.

You can see the showcase via our videos on Facebook and the pictures from the evening on our Flickr page.

One student created a project in a real-world context that will leave a lasting impact on the International School of Indiana for years to come. Sophomore, Meredith DiCamilla, chose to do a mural project in the women’s restroom in the Blackwell Building. She was motivated to do the project by a desire to create a more female-positive environment and safe space.  She said, “bathrooms are a place that sometimes girls come to cry.” Her hope is that the mural and quote now painted on the wall will inspire her peers to know that they are safe and that they can do anything!  The project took Meredith around 36 hours of painting between 3 days.

We are all thankful for her efforts to ensure that all girls are Ready for the World Stage.

Painting for MYP Project

ISI Sophomore, Meredith DiCamilla, painting her mural in the Blackwell women’s restroom.

Painting MYP Project

Meredith believed she could, so she did.


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