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Family Math Night at the Lower School

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Thanks to everyone who attended ISI’s second Family Math Night yesterday night. Teachers from grades K-5 created fun, creative, and “out-of-the-box” activities for all grades, including pre-elementary at 49th street and everyone (families too), was excited to focus on the amazing and expansive world of mathematics.

The Math Night demonstrated that math is not about the rote learning of discrete facts like how much 5 + 7 equals. Rather, it’s about children actively making sense of the world around them. Open-ended, playful exploration encourages children to solve problems in real situations. Because the situations are meaningful, children can gain a deeper understanding of number, quantity, size, patterning, and data management.

Activities at the event included open-ended math mysteries and wonderings, strategy games and dozens of math and STEM activities. Below is a highlights video of the evening.


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