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#Transformation Tuesday

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Transformation Tuesday is a popular trend and hashtag (#TransformationTuesday) that people use on Instagram and other social networks. On Tuesdays, people post “transformational” photos or videos of themselves along with the hashtag in the description. A lot of people create them in the form of a “before and after” to show change or growth over time.

The “transformation” part of the trend is totally up to how you interpret it. Some people post photos of themselves when they were children alongside a photo of them all grown up or post photos of their fitness journey. There are really no strict rules to follow.

Thus ISI presents the #TransformationTuesday blog! (skip to the latest video here)

Each Tuesday a new video will be posted here showing the progress of students in the language immersion program. We will watch the students through the school year and years of instruction to see how their relationship to their target language grows as well as their confidence in themselves.

Our emphasis on bilingual education and language immersion is a big part of what sets ISI apart from other educational options in the state of Indiana and the Midwest. Research shows that bilingual learning is both natural and beneficial and that bilingual people tend to use their brains more efficiently than those who speak only one language.

Students in our preschool and kindergarten classes are taught entirely in their target language (Spanish, French, or Mandarin). Students acquire their new language naturally, almost effortlessly, in much the same way that they learn their native language. Because language acquisition is combined with everything the students do, they actually spend their school day learning the full range of academic skills that one would expect at their given grade level.

In Grades 1, 2, and 3, students have an hour a day of formal English instruction, and by Grades 4 and 5, students are proficient enough at both languages that classes in English make up about half of the school day.

In our Middle School, beginning in Grade 6, all classes are taught in English, except for foreign language classes. Most students continue studying their target language. Students who are already proficient in Spanish or French by Grade 6 may begin studying a third language.

This week’s video (August 29, 2017) shows the 3-year-old French immersion class in action.

This week’s video (September 5, 2017) shows the 3-year-old Spanish immersion class in action.

This week’s video (September 12, 2017) shows the 3-year-old Mandarin immersion class in action. I can’t believe they have learned so much in just a short time and the super cute singing is just too much!

This week’s video (September 19, 2017) is a glimpse of the Pre-K Spanish class talking about their “my family” unit. Look at the ease with which the students switch back and forth between languages as they process the language immersion classroom material.

This week’s video (September 26, 2017) is a glimpse of the Pre-K French class learning their numbers. Looks like they are getting the hang of it already.

This week’s video (October 3, 2017) is a glimpse of the Pre-K Mandarin class learning about weather. This class was so cute it was hard to pick just around one minute of video. The singing and dancing made me want to go back to Pre-K!

After a short break for Fall break, #transformationtuesday returns (October 17, 2017) with a video of the French Kindergarten class in their morning meeting. See them talking (in French) about the day of the week and more. Notice that they are switching back and forth between languages less and seem to have a good understanding of what is being taught.

For this week’s #transformationtuesday (October 24, 2017), we are heading back into the Pre-K Mandarin class, which we saw last on October 3rd. Their confidence in their target language has sky-rocketed and you can tell that they love their class and are having fun.

For this week’s #transformationtuesday (October 31, 2017), take a peek into the Mandarin Kindergarten class. The students are focusing on math skills and publishing books in small groups with their teachers, all in their target language.

For this week’s #transformationtuesday (November 7, 2017), take a peek into the Spanish Kindergarten class. The class is splitting into small groups to work on art projects as well as study of materials and numbers. The ease with which they make the transition into groups and follow direction demonstrate that they truly understand their teachers.


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