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Crossing Bridges at ISI

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The end of the school year at ISI means a great many things to various people in our community. SUMMER! VACATION! FUN! CAMP! An ending or a fresh start.

At ISI it also is a great time of transition. Some of our faculty/staff leave due to Visa restrictions and we await new international staff to come in. Teachers get schedules and rooms for next year. Students move between teachers to take the next step in their education journey.

A notable transition that happens specifically at ISI, that doesn’t happen at other local schools is due to the nature of being an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum school. ¬†Students not only leave elementary school for middle school, and middle school for high school; students also leave the Primary Years Programme (PYP), to move to the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and leave the MYP to move up to the Diploma Programme (DP). These IB specific transitions are marked by exhibitions and celebrations and are approached with more reverence than regular school transitions.

These IB specific transitions are a coming of age, where the students put their learned skills and their IB attributes to the test and through presentation (Grade 5 Exhibition, Grade 10 Product Showcase) and reflection prove their ability to continue on to the next step of their journey. Their next step means international travel, immersion in their target language culture, as well as increased study and focus. As students move to begin their DP journey we are confident that they are up to the challenge and ISI believes that all students are deserving of and capable of achieving the IB Diploma. This IB for ALL philosophy practiced by ISI is validated by our exceptional IB diploma pass rates as well as our exceptional college acceptances and merit award scholarship amounts. ISI students are truly ready for the world stage!

While writing this, I hear students crying in the lobby about how much they will miss each other or how relationships will change. As this school year comes to an end, look at it, not as a time of ending, completion or change, look at it as a bright step in a journey where things will only get better. We wish all of our faculty, staff, and families- whether they are returning or not- a good summer and a safe journey. See you next year! Keep in touch!


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