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Student Spotlight: Senior, Jacob Vigran

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Each year ISI has two student speakers chosen to speak at graduation. One senior speaker is selected by the student body of the current senior class and the other is selected by a faculty vote. We are proud to announce that the student speaker choice by the ISI faculty is Jacob Vigran. Jacob has been a part of the ISI community since Kindergarten.

Jacob is known at ISI for his great sense of humor and strong presence. He was one of two speakers at both the 100 days celebration this year as well as the International School of Indiana Travel Auction. He is well spoken, confident, well rounded…and funny- really, really funny. All of that contributed to why faculty selected him to speak at this year’s graduation ceremony. Not only will he project confidence while delivering his speech, but he will likely add levity to the event.

Learn a little bit more about Jacob here:

How long have you been at ISI?

This is my 13th year at ISI.

Language track?


What do you plan to do when you leave ISI?

Next year I will be attending the University of Rochester, where I hope to study either Economics or Political Science.

Have you received any special honors, merit awards, etc?

I was selected as a Richard G. Lugar Scholar during my junior year and was a part of the Spanish National Honor Society for all of High School. I was also the recipient of the Gryphon-Guide award for Boys Basketball this past year.

What were your favorite things about your ISI journey?

My favorite part about my ISI journey has been the lasting friendships I’ve made with people from various backgrounds. I’ve also loved having the opportunity to get involved in all sorts of different extra-curricular activities and sports, enhancing my ISI experience.

Which achievements are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the way I was able to balance my schoolwork with the numerous things I got involved in outside of the classroom. Throughout all of High School, I’ve tried to be as involved in student life as I could and had to learn how to balance the various things I wanted to do with my studies.

How has ISI prepared you for your future?

My time at ISI has made me enthusiastic about trying new things. The ISI community is so welcoming that every student feels comfortable exploring new opportunities without any negative ramifications. Also, both being a part of such a diverse community and the extensive foreign language skills I have developed have given me an appreciation for other cultures and made me want to travel around the world later in life.


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