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Student Spotlight: Senior, Shirley Cai

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Each year ISI has two student speakers chosen to speak at graduation.  One senior speaker is selected by the student body of the current senior class and the other is selected by a faculty vote. We are proud to announce that the student speaker choice by the Class of 2017 is Shirley (Yugi) Cai.

Shirley is an F1 exchange student from China. She came to the United States and the International School of Indiana in 2014. Since coming to ISI, Shirley has made a huge impact on the ISI community as a top notch student and a fantastic mentor for other F1 students.  Learn a bit more about Shirley below:

What do you plan to do when you leave ISI? 
After leaving ISI, I’ll be attending Washington University in St. Louis. I’m plan on either majoring in Biomedical Engineering or double majoring in Biology and Psychology, and probably minoring in East Asian Studies. I enjoy working with people, so hopefully, I’ll become a neurosurgeon and work in medical field. If it’s possible, I hope to further investigate traditional Chinese medicine and fuse it with western medicine properly.
Have you received any special honors, merit awards, etc?
I was awarded Honor Rolls and Endeavor Award 2015-2016 school year at ISI. Also, I was awarded Best Presentation and Best Personal Statement at Washington University in St.Louis Pre-Clinical summer program in 2016.
What were your favorite things about your ISI journey?
My favorite things about my ISI journey are getting to know many excellent students from different backgrounds, getting to know amazing teachers, and having opportunities to explore my interests. I was given the chance to start a Math Challenge Club and discovered my true desires in working with people.
Which achievements are you most proud of?
I’m proud of myself getting through one of the biggest turning points in my life, which was to choose to study in America, and finding my own passion in Chemistry and Biology. Also, I was glad that I was able to integrate into American culture fairly well by making friends and experiencing the culture.
How has ISI prepared you for your future?
ISI has broadened my view of different cultures and will definitely help me to work with people from different background in the future. Also, the IB program offered at ISI prepares me, an international student, for college as it made me develop my writing skills, critical thinking skills, and time management, which are the essential qualities for college studies.


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