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Carnation Sale Held by Class of 2020

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Sponsored by the Class of 2020, we encourage all students Grade 9-12 to “share the love” by purchasing Valentine carnations for their friends, teachers and even those they are admiring from afar!  Carnations will be sold at the table outside the cafeteria during the lunch hour on Monday, Jan. 23rd and Tuesday, Jan. 24th.

Bring your cash, complete the slips for the carnations you want to send and then get ready for Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th and the big smiles you’ll put on people’s faces when they receive their Valentine Carnations during their homeroom class.

Three colors of carnations will be sold–choose your favorite, or, may we suggest:

  • WHITE for Friends and Teachers
  • PINK for girlfriend/boyfriend
  • RED for Secret Admirer


We’ll see you Monday and Tuesday during your lunch hour!  Carnations must be paid for in cash at time of purchase. It will be very helpful if you know in advance the HOMEROOM of the person to whom you are sending a Valentine Carnation–do a little research and come armed with that information!


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