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Grade 4 Business Fair

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On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Grade 4 students held a Business Fair in the Blackwell Gym as the culminating event for their Unit of Inquiry called “Running a Business”.

DSC_0862Central Idea: “Businesses arise and evolve to meet the needs of the community”.

The Lines of Inquiry are:

  • Different types of businesses
  • Supply and Demand
  • The evolution of businesses


DSC_0857During the six-week unit, students explored entrepreneurial concepts, including economics and finance, product development, and money management. They have created a product, developed a business plan, established a marketing plan, and determined their philanthropic responsibility to the community. Students were then responsible for display and selling of their product, adding both rigor and relevance to the unit of study.In preparation for the Business Fair, the students met with entrepreneurs, the State Secretary and attended an Entrepreneur Forum (Facebook posts shared):

DSC_0839“Fourth grade had one of their very own parents come and speak to them about her business, Pearl Pathways!  Elena’s mom, Diana was very kind to share her experiences.  Her excitement and energy made us excited for the upcoming BUSINESS FAIR on April 20th!”

“Fourth Grade students had the privilege of being a part of the Entrepreneur Forum at Union Station.  They were able to listen to several entrepreneurs share their experiences and how they got started.  This was a great link into our current Business unit.  The students got front row seats and got the VIP treatment.  What a FUN DAY!”

DSC_0827“Fourth Graders had the pleasure of meeting State Secretary Lawson.  Students are studying Business and this visit correlated perfectly.  She discussed what her role is in the State House in regards to overseeing businesses.  She even showed the students old business documents from the early 1900s.  The students were able to fill out a form to request permission to open their business that they will implement at the Business
Fair on April 20th.  There were notaries there as well to make it official.  At the end, Secretary Lawson signed their certificate with their business.  The students truly loved this!”

DSC_0869Students also stopped by the Business Office in Taurel Building to talk to ISI’s Vice President of Operations, Jim Ewing. They learned about the International School of Indiana as a business and received a tour.

DSC_0861All attendees of the Business Fair were given $20 in “funny money” and a Fair Guide to help navigate through the offerings. The young entrepreneurs distributed business cards (designed in Art class), answered questions about
their product and process and handled the money exchange process. Prices were exceptionally reasonable ($.25 – $2.00), and many products sold out quickly.

Pine cone bird feeders, homemade doggie treats, herb gardens, paracord bracelets, trinkets, services, books and so much more. The variety and quality of the products was extraordinary as was the display of each product.

DSC_0872  DSC_0846 DSC_0860  DSC_0851  DSC_0841  DSC_0836  DSC_0830  DSC_0828  DSC_0821  DSC_0800  DSC_0795  DSC_0791



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