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ISI Again Recognized for Academic Rigor

The 2016 Washington Post High School Challenge listings again ranked the International High School as the top high school in Indianapolis, the second in Indiana, and in the top 5% of schools nationally. This is the 5th consecutive year that ISI has been included by the Washington Post in their High School Challenge. ISI's recognition as a top high school is ...Read More

More Work on the G5 Exhibition

Working and giving feedback on Central ideas, deciding on what Key Concept questions they would like to keep, trying an experiment putting themselves in blind people's shoes, working on a survey to find about bullying in our school, research, and of course, we make sure we have a happy belly on  "Snacky Thursdays" before researching!

Grade 4 Business Fair

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Grade 4 students held a Business Fair in the Blackwell Gym as the culminating event for their Unit of Inquiry called "Running a Business". Central Idea: “Businesses arise and evolve to meet the needs of the community”. The Lines of Inquiry are: Different types of businesses Supply and Demand The evolution of businesses   During ...Read More

Reading Buddies

Grade 7 students came to the 49th Street Building to read to Kindergarten "reading buddies" in their target languages. The kindergarten students were enthralled by their older peers and enjoyed the experience.

Senior Feature: Dani

Danielle (Dani) Long has been a part of ISI since 9th Grade in the Mandarin track and has been an active participant in community life here on campus. You have surely seen her on the basketball team or singing. Recently she represented ISI in Hamilton County Family Magazine Senior Feature said the following about ISI: “Students at the International School ...Read More

ISI Letters to Ruby

On Friday, April 15th, ISI sixth-grade students, Nia Simmons and Frederic Mandeville took part in a meet and greet with Civil Rights legend, Ruby Bridges. They spent the morning at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, where they met with Ms. Bridges in the replica of her first-grade classroom. They had the opportunity to chat with her about her experience integrating ...Read More

ISI Family forms ISI Walkers Team

ISI educates students to be responsible citizens and effective leaders in a rapidly globalizing and interdependent world. A major component of our goal is that students will be concerned for the wellbeing of others. Community Service is also an essential part of the ISI community and curriculum. An ISI family, led by Grade 10 student, Thomas Atchison, and joined by ...Read More

ISI, WFYI and the IB Learner Profile

At this point in the school year we are all aware of the core of the IB program, the IB Learner Profile. The profile defines the attributes that our students and we as a school hold to and aspire to. These characteristics are being an inquirerer, a communicator, caring, reflective, knowledgeable, a thinker, principled, open minded, a risk taker, and ...Read More